The ancients often used allegory or metaphor to describe how reality is created. In this episode, we’re stripping away the metaphors to dive into the true mechanics of our reality. With this understanding, we gain the power to change what was previously thought solid and create and experience a higher and better version of our selves and our reality.


•   The first thing to understand about reality is the role of the spirit body. Your spirit body is at arm’s length all around you with your physical body at its center. Like a hologram, your spirit body renders your physical body — and your physical reality.

•   The spirit body itself is created after our consciousness, which has individuated from Pure Source, chooses to have an experience in the embodiment. In order to experience life in this density, it drops down a bunch of vibrational levels and creates the spirit body in order to focus us in space and time.

•   Space and time are coordinates that create a common reference point for those of us in this physical reality so that we can share the same reality. The physical body anchors us in space, and being in the zero point of time allows us to have an overlapping experience with others in this reality.

•   Things exist first on spirit level before they come into form. The spirit body, prior to birth, dictates our physical rendering. Everything in the experience of physical incarnation is created by the spirit body.

•   Distortion patterns exist in the space between the spirit body and the physical body; they’re all around us in different thicknesses, opacities, and vibration levels. They’re the filters through which we perceive our reality.

•   With distortion patterns running, we’re getting a distorted version of our reality. What we see and experience isn’t a clear rendering. And they limit our experience of our connection to Pure Source. When you clear more and more distortion patterns, you start to experience more from the spirit perspective of self vs. the ego mind.
We tend to think that reality happens TO us — that we’re subject to it. But when your resonance rises sufficiently, you start to realize that you can have influence on the rendering. You recognize your sovereignty as co-creator. You’re still being rendered, but you can also affect your reality in order to grow. You can bring yourself the lessons you need to help you transcend the illusion of separation. To get back to remembering your true essence as spirit.

•   The illusion of this reality is here for us to grow. We’re creating not just our bodies, but our whole physical realities for this purpose: to grow, expand, and remember our true essence as infinite consciousness, an expression of Pure Source.