Shape shifting. Riding on the wind currents at night. Summoning animal spirits.
Magic is SO cool!
Even though it sounds like the stuff of novels, from what I’ve had the opportunity to witness first hand and what I’ve tapped into, it’s very real.
Earth magic is the manipulation of the physical realm.
It can be a powerful and fascinating window into non-ordinary reality.
In this week’s episode, Dennis and I have a very candid discussion about earth magic, particularly shamanism and plant medicine, what it is, what to watch out for and who can benefit from it.

The free Group Frequency Calibration® (GFC) at the end will help to begin to sharpen your ability to discern magic being used in alignment with Pure Source from that which is not, in addition to maintaining your power even when you enter realms of non ordinary reality.
If you don’t sharpen your intuition on what is in alignment with Pure Source and what is being used for darkness, it can be easy to fooled into giving your power away to someone or something that does not benefit you.
Knowing what is in alignment with Pure Source will allow you to take the most efficient path to awakening.
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  • Earth magic refers to manipulation and control over form in the earth realm. There are many subgroups who work this way, including shamans, witches, wizards and medicine people. In this episode we are focusing on shamanism and plant medicine.
  • Earth magic is about controlling various earth elements for certain outcomes. This can be used for either light or dark purposes, and there are practitioners on both sides of the spectrum. Most people are not aware that shamanism does not necessarily align with Pure Source. Those who are of the light are in service to help others, and those of the darkness gather power for themselves to control others.
  • Shamans of the light use ceremony and healing to help people.  Those of the darkness use it to control, oppress and to gather power for themselves.
  • A very small number shamans can bridge both the earth realm and the star realm.
  • It’s important to keep your wits about you and determine whether the shaman you would like to work with is aligned with Pure Source and does not gather power only for him or herself. It is easy to give your power away to someone who can manipulate the physical realm because it seems like they are more “advanced” or hold knowledge that you want access to. Be aware of this, ask questions, do not elevate someone above yourself (even if they have impressive abilities) and trust your instinct if something tells you that something isn’t right.
  • Plant medicine is one aspect of earth magic, but it is not required for ceremony.
  • Plant medicine is a sacred path, and thus must be treated carefully. For example, anyone guiding you in an ayahuasca journey must be experienced, capable of safely guiding you in other realms and most importantly back into this realm and back into this present moment. If you are not set back in time properly it can cause a lot of mishap from physical illness to emotional and mental distortions. If the shaman you’re intending to work with is not aligned with the Pure Source, it’s simply better not to engage with that person because you are opening yourself up to potential abuse when you enter such a vulnerable state under their guidance.
  • When you begin to rely heavily on plant medicine such as ayahuasca, it’s important to step back and whether you are really “awakening” or if you’re beginning to develop a form of addiction. While ayahuasca can open up different realms, it is not required to access them if you’re truly of a higher resonation.
  • DMT is the “god molecule” in ayahuasca, and when taken in its synthetic form it is removed from the wholeness of the plant. Many who experience DMT have bad trips that lead them back to ayahuasca to heal from the experience.
  • Always exercise awareness and caution when seeking, and don’t give away your power to those that you may perceive to be better or more elevated than you. Always question those around you to ensure what you are doing aligns with your inner compass.