Learn how in this new paradigm of the Transcendent Feminine, the essence of the feminine is of a clearer and higher resonance than ever before – transcending the distortions of the old paradigm – and how embodying it allows for transformation from a higher order.

This is Part 1 of the three part mini series on the new paradigm of the Transcendent Feminine, the Transcendent Masculine and the unique ratio of each within us.


  • There is a lot of distortion in both the feminine and the masculine, coming from lineage, religion, culture patterns, etc., often expressed as oppression by the masculine over the feminine.
  • Even many of the ways that the feminine has power in our current paradigm are distorted because they are through external or physical things like beauty, being desired or desirable.
  • There are a lot of distortion patterns about what is “appropriate” for women, from what emotions we display, what roles we have in society and what we’re supposed to do in supporting others.
  • There is another distortion pattern stemming from the women’s liberation movement that in order to become equal to the masculine, women had to become masculine or take on masculine frequencies. This is still true within the corporate and political arena where in order to have power one needs to be asserting masculine characteristics. Despite having “success” in terms of job title, money and material possessions, a lot of women who are in their 40s and 50s are feeling unfulfilled and lonely. This hyper masculinization or these masculine frequencies are an imposition over the feminine frequencies and also is causing yet further distortion patterns.
  • The Transcendent Feminine rises above all of these distortions and more clearly expresses from Pure Source the embodiment of the feminine without these old paradigm distortion patterns.
  • With the Transcendent Feminine, we become internally strong, inherently complete, so we don’t need an external source in order to feel validated, or to feel safe (previously women were disempowered, vulnerable and dependent on the old paradigm masculine unless they expressed enough masculine traits themselves). So with the Transcendent Feminine we don’t need to sacrifice self in order to be a “good mother, daughter, sister”, our physical beauty is no longer a measure for our value, nor must there be competition with other women for men because women don’t need men in the same way. Collaboration comes from a higher order, and it allows the Transcendent Masculine to accelerate which then further buoys the Transcendent Feminine, in an upward spiral of ascension.
  • Surrender from strength is a hallmark of the Transcendent Feminine (please watch or listen to the earlier episode on  Surrender From Strength).
  • The level of fear drops tremendously and striving to control all our outer circumstances is no longer needed.
  • As different women from different cultural contexts rise into the Transcendent Feminine the ripple effect of this into the Oneness results in freeing more and more women within that same cultural context.
  • Because the Transcendent Feminine is internally complete, there is no need to attempt to control the masculine out of fear, which liberates both.
  • Because both the Transcendent Feminine and the Transcendent Masculine are part of the new consciousness  without the same distortion patterns causing a need to oppress or control,  in this new paradigm expression there is less attachment to any particular outcome. There is more fluidity, and the ideas or outcomes with the highest vibrational level become the ones that new paradigm individuals move towards. Choices and decision-making become a win/win for everyone.