When my husband and I had our real estate business, it looked like we had it all.

We were top producers, helping people to buy and sell $23 million of real estate every year, we owned a home in one of the most expensive and desirable cities in the country, we took about 4-6 weeks off a year to go to growth seminars and travel.

It was awesome.

And yet it didn’t feel like it was enough.

We worked hard for our success and I was hugely grateful for what we had, but the success felt fleeting.

We would reach our goals and then shortly afterwards felt we needed to chase new ones. We’d compare ourselves to other agents who were producing more than we were and felt like we were falling short, even though we were among the top 5% of agents in San Francisco.

I worried about where the next client would come from or when transactions would complete.

It always seemed like I wanted a bit more savings to feel secure, and that line kept shifting on me. It doesn’t make any sense, really, from the outside, but my inner experience wasn’t in sync with the outer appearance. It took a lot of frequency work to get rid of enough distortions to have such a solid foundation that the outer world had less of an impact on me than the inner.

In this week’s episode, Dennis and I discuss a new paradigm that I call Transcendent Success − why it’s different from the old paradigm of success, why it is of a higher resonation, and how we can achieve a level of success that is fulfilling, enduring and unwavering once it comes from within instead of being focused on external things that we acquire or do.

The free Group Frequency Calibration® (GFC) at the end will help to begin to clear the distortion patterns that keep us from experiencing Transcendent Success.

Without clearing these distortion patterns, we will never feel like we’ve gotten there or that we’ve achieved that much.

We’ll constantly feel like we’re falling short in comparison to others and we need to prove constantly that we are successful in order to receive external validation. It’s exhausting, never ending, and yet entirely unnecessary.

Let’s move to a higher level order!

Until next time,



  • Typically, in the old paradigm, the definition of success is imposed upon us by others: our parents, teachers, cultures, religions, etc. They tell us what success is and how it should look.
  • In the old paradigm, success is defined by things and circumstances external to us and therefore when we “achieve” whatever it is, we can still find ourselves feeling empty, like there is something more that we’re still missing.
  • In this new paradigm of Transcendent Success, instead of being based on external circumstances, success comes from within. Removing enough distortion patterns naturally results in us being more complete on spirit level and not having to chase anything external in order to feel successful. This completeness allows us to live with an unwavering feeling of success completely different from the fleeting nature of old paradigm success
  • This inner sense of wholeness results in less attachment to external circumstances, including any particular outcome, and therefore success is in the learning, the growth on spirit level, not necessarily related to attaining something in the material world.
  • Transcendent success is a state of being that allows us to really savor and enjoy abundance, success, completion, learning, and growth because we’re not trying control or capture or acquire something in order to make ourselves feel better. Because we are complete internally, we already feel great.
  • In order to experience Transcendent Success we need to move beyond the current paradigm, which means releasing the distortion patterns around what it means to be successful and/or a “good person”.
  • Additionally, our experience of our physical reality starts to shift for the better as we clear more distortion patterns and have an increasingly stable foundation. The shift is often quite subtle because your new normal just comes from within, usually without sudden, massive shifts. It’s usually more gradual, such that you need to be paying attention in order to notice it.
  • People always ask when am I going to get there? Meaning when will the awakening happen. There is no finish line. We are constantly evolving and growing, so any time a new consciousness level is attained there’s more to go – it’s an infinite growth curve.