Learn about the difference between True Discipline vs. Control and how true discipline can create better outcomes with more ease.


–        We are speaking of True Discipline connected to Pure Source from a higher perspective vs. control.

–        Control stems from fear. The main frequency distortion pattern in control is fear. Control surfaces so that we can feel safe, secure and certain. It is about using our will alone to get an outcome that we think we want.

–        Control is about forcing ourselves to conform to a certain behavior or state because we’re afraid if we don’t, we won’t get the outcome that we want.

–        True discipline is about following the calling of your Higher Self.

–        True discipline stems from a love of Self and is a choice that we give ourselves because we love, respect and honor who we truly are. We’re answering the call of what serves our highest self the best and we choose whether we want to honor that call.

–        As we clear more and more of our distortion patterns, true discipline naturally shows up because you’re not trying to muscle past the distortion patterns

–        As we clear more of our distortion patterns we listen to ourselves more, our preferences change, and we are able to celebrate living at your highest potential. So we choose to live at our highest potential over a momentary pleasure

–        When we remove fear from control, true discipline can emerge

–        It’s not that there is no work with true discipline. It just doesn’t feel like tremendous effort and suffering to produce something

–        When this happens an output of energy is required from us, but it doesn’t feel as heavy as “work” and all of these people come in to help move things forward.