I was never one of those kids who was really into Ouija board, ghosts or ghost stories. Were you?

Those stories always freaked me out − probably because I could sometimes strongly feel ghosts around me.

I definitely did NOT want to see them.

There are however, many of us who are fascinated with the darkness.

Mediums and channels seem like a harmless way to access the mysterious world of disembodied beings − the dead, spirit guides, angels, beings from other star realms, ascended masters.

I’m sure I’ve missed a few.

Given who I am, I’ve learned just because something is not in a body does not mean it’s wise nor that it’s in alignment with Pure Source.

In this week’s episode “What You Need to Know About Mediums & Channels” Dennis and I have an animated conversation about the darkness, what to be aware of, how to protect yourself and how to check to see if something is really of the light or of the darkness irrespective of how it shows up.

The free Group Frequency Calibration® (GFC) after the discussion is the most important part – it will start to help give you clarity around what is what.

Without clearing these frequencies patterns, we can be easily fooled by the darkness and worse controlled by it.

Until next time!




  • Especially at the beginning of our journey it is easy to become fascinated with mediums and channels and give our power away to them.
  • It is important that we are aware of what is in alignment with Pure Source and what is not because often what mediums and channels are channeling are of the darkness
  • One way you can tell is to look at the life of the channel and medium. Are they healthy, have financial abundance and seem pulled together or are their lives a mess? If it’s the latter they are not in alignment with Pure Source
  • Do they get tired after channeling? If they are in alignment with Pure Source they will feel invigorated by the higher frequencies not depleted.
  • Do they try to control you? If they are in alignment with Pure Source they will have no need nor desire to control you in any way, or to take your power from you
  • With anyone who is suggesting things to you whether it’s Karen, or someone else always ask yourself if it resonates and if it’s in alignment with Pure Source in meditation and follow that guidance
  • There is a way to test if the person that you’re listening to is of Pure Source (watch full episode to find out how)
  • If you feel hesitation or “something about this, doesn’t feel right”. Honor that instinct even if it does seem fascinating or your friends think it’s really cool.
  • Be aware that it often happens that mediums and channels are possessed by the thing that they are channeling and can attempt to hook you as an energy source as well.
  • Just because something is disembodied does not mean it has wisdom. It’s just disembodied. Just like you wouldn’t listen to anyone in a body, be aware
  • It is easy for the darkness to give you basic information about yourself or others in order to manipulate you.
  • Just because it appears as the “light” or as a relative you trust doesn’t mean it is. Often the darkness will use that to get you to trust it. So ask “are you of Pure Source” followed by “Are you the being that was my (fill in the blank, father, mother, grandparent, spouse, sister etc)?” If they answer yes they are. If they grow brighter or remain the same size they are. If they diminish, change shapes, get darker or disappear, or do not answer “Yes” then they are not what they appear to be.