When I was a kid, a lot of the toys my sister and I played with were hand me downs from our cousins.

One of the things that I liked to play with was this set of plastic logs that you could build things out of.

The challenge, though, was that it was missing a bunch of pieces, so often there weren’t enough of the logs that you’d need to form the bases of buildings.

I learned that without those key pieces you couldn’t really build buildings that didn’t wobble.

Time is one of the foundational building blocks of reality (actually, “realities”) and different levels of consciousness. Said another way, differences in the frequency resonance of time and space create access points to different realities and consciousness levels.

If you want to access the higher resonating order of the new consciousness, you need to understand, know and shift into the new frequency resonance of time. Without the proper foundation, a higher level experience of reality is unavailable to us.

In this week’s episode (#130) Tia and I discuss what the new frequency resonance of time is, how it’s different from what we’re used to, and how to shift into it.

The GFC (Group Frequency Calibration®) at the end will help you to start to release the distortion patterns that keep you from being able to integrate into the new, higher frequency resonance of time that is now available to us.

Without releasing these distortion patterns, we just stay stuck spinning where we are.

Let’s rise together!


  • The new consciousness we’re moving into is simply higher-resonating than the frequency level of what we’ll refer to as the old consciousness, which is heavier and more dense because of the distortion patterns that are rife within it — greed, control, oppression, and abuse.
  • These heavy distortion patterns must be released in order for us to rise and integrate the higher frequencies of the new consciousness, where they cannot exist — and our experience is much easier, lighter, and more abundant without them. We have a stronger memory of ourselves as part of the Oneness. (For a more detailed discussion and GFC regarding the new consciousness, see Episode #128: What Is the New Consciousness?)
  • Time and space are the building blocks of different realities and consciousness levels. As a result, our experience of time in the new consciousness is very different from the old. In the old consciousness, scarcity was a big part of our experience: We never had enough time. Or money. Or many other things we wanted more of. Things tended to feel like a lot of work.
  • In the new consciousness, time is more spacious and plentiful. You can get a lot more done in a smaller amount of time. You may find that things seem to align magically in your favor to allow this to happen.
  • You’ll almost find yourself pinging back and forth between the old and new consciousness levels for a while. But as you begin to liberate yourself from heavier patterns and have the new consciousness be more available to you, you’ll be able to stay more firmly rooted there. Know that it’s a process. Sleep and self care are hugely beneficial during this time.
  • Frequency work is a fundamental part of the process. By continuing to release distortion patterns (and diligently confirming the removal), your integration will be smoother and more accelerated. There are many free and powerful resources here at Spherical Luminosity, including the GFC at the end of this episode, to help facilitate your rise into the new consciousness.