When I was a kid, I used to LOVE to watch magic shows.
Anytime there was one on TV during the week, when my sister and I were definitely NOT allowed to watch television, I’d beg my parents to let me watch. Sometimes, so long as both my sister and I had finished our homework, they’d actually agree!
There was one trick that I really loved, where the magician would lie down on the table. The assistant would cover him with a shiny light blanket.
They’d pull away the table that the magician was lying on and there he’d be, just floating in the air!
Then, they pull away the blanket — and the magician would be gone. POOF!!!
Into thin air. 
I never understood how they did that, and it amazed me every single time!
Fast forward to today. More and more people have been talking about entering a new, higher resonating consciousness. Many of us have heard that it means higher level frequencies will be accessible, but looking around, it certainly doesn’t seem like everyone’s ready to start living in that higher level order. 
If all this is true, and if the divide continues to grow, how is that going to look? Are some people just going to (POOF) disappear, like the magicians, but for real? Where will we go? What happens? 
In this week’s episode (#128) Tia and I get down to brass tacks and talk about the new consciousness, what it is, why it’s different and how to get there.
The GFC (Group Frequency Calibration®) at the end will begin to prepare you to be able to access the higher level frequencies of the new consciousness.
Without clearing the heaviness of distortion patterns, it’s very difficult to access these higher level frequencies.
Here’s to the new paradigm!
Let’s rise together!


  • There are many interpretations of what the new consciousness is. From Karen’s perspective, it’s simply a consciousness that’s resonating at a higher level than the one we’re leaving. Its vibration is higher than the old consciousness, so for us to enter the new one, we have to release the denser patterns dragging our resonance down.

  • It’s important to remember that we’re gradually bridging into the new consciousness — it’s likely not going to feel like a sudden and dramatic shift. As many of us move into the threshold of this higher-level order, it can be rough. The old consciousness has been entrenched for millennia, and we’ll likely get pulled into old, denser patterns from time to time. But as we continue to clear and strengthen — on physical and spirit levels — we’ll be able to sustain the new consciousness vibration for longer periods of time.

  • Oppression, fear, greed, abuse, and dominance — these dense old consciousness patterns must be released. They can’t exist in the higher-resonating consciousness we’re moving into. If you’re doing frequency work, you’re on the right track to clearing out what must be left behind.

  • In the new consciousness, you’ll notice that time has a different resonance. It’s spacious and there’s more ease. You can get a lot more done with your time, and things will often align smoothly in your favor — there’s much more magic.

  • As some of us experience the new consciousness and others stay in the old consciousness, it’s like two lenses on the same reality: the view from one lens is clear and bright, and the other is smudgy and distorted. How high your resonance is determines how you perceive the physical reality.

  • We can’t force others’ timing. Some folks are committed to staying in the old consciousness at this time. If you want to help them, simply be present with them: Your presence offers them the possibility of entraining up. Be careful that you’re not trying to control them.

  • It’s an incredible time to be embodied. See what’s possible for yourself by focusing on and empowering yourself.