Find out what integration of frequency work is like, how Karen can do what she does and what synergetic ascension is and why it’s so deeply beneficial.


  • The experience of frequency work during a session can range from bodily sensations to energetic sensations to altered state, and sometimes no bodily or perceptible experience at all.

  • Spirit moves in real time and once I delete the distortion patterns they are gone completely. Your physical, emotional and mental bodies need to catch up to that change on spirit level and we call that period of “catch up”, detox.

  • Real-time deletion can be bypassed or hijacked, and in some situations deletion may appear to not have happened (watch the episode to find out how that works)

  • How intense the period of integration/clearing or detox is, and how long it lasts, depends on 3 things:  how much fear you have, how quickly you can let go, and your rule set on detox. This is completely up to the individual and cannot be controlled or affected by Karen.

  • The ripple effect in your life can be extremely extensive, from how you feel about yourself, how you experience abundance, how you experience life, what triggers you and that which no longer does, your ability to be able to observe what is happening without getting pulled into the emotion of it,  who you are in relationship with, to the opportunities that suddenly open up to you

  • How Karen does what she does is not a sensory or mental perception, it’s through a process she calls “tapping in” (watch full episode to find out how)

  • Why Karen can do this work and how that ties into synergetic ascension which is profoundly beneficial (watch full episode to find out why)

  • A Group Frequency Calibration bucks the old paradigm way of accelerating change on an individual level.

  • Listen to the “Accelerating Potential” GFC at the end to begin clear the distortion patterns that are holding you back