Learn what detox is and how to leverage it to propel you forward.


·  Distinguishing true emotion from something you are fostering with your mind can release you from a lot of drama

·  Being accountable for your patterns and being able to notice them more and more quickly will help you to enter a state of neutrality and completeness — and accelerate faster.

·  Detox is the catch-up period after frequency work where the slower vibrating physical, mental and emotional bodies adjust to the changes that happen instantly, in real time, on the much higher vibrating spirit level

·  Detox can be a space of letting go of what we think is us, what we are attached to, and what no longer serves us.

·  Not everyone experiences detox. It depends on your rule sets. Some people just go to sleep, wake up and have re-adjusted to the new spiritual reality. Many people have to experience a letting go period (detox) in order to strengthen and accelerate themselves forward

·  On spirit level, frequencies are going from the “bound” within the body to the “unbound” (watch the full episode to get more details)

·  Learn about the 4 strategies to help you get through detox more efficiently (watch the full episode to get more details)

·Allowing yourself to fully feel a true emotion will allow it to move through and out of you. Holding or suppressing emotion can cause even more distortions and more intensity in your physical reality.

·Listen to the GFC on Detox to soften the short term discomfort of frequency work should you need it.