Sometimes, it’s hard to get rolling. Even if it’s as simple as getting a glass of water from the fridge, sometimes the warm and comfy sofa in the living room seems darn hard to get out of.

Once we get going though, things usually seem a lot whole lot easier.

The challenge is often overcoming inertia – starting momentum.

Momentum to keep rolling, to keep accelerating, to get to where we’d like to be.

If you’d like to speed up the process of getting where you’d like to be, check out the latest episode I just posted to the blog, not-that-coincidentally called “how to get where you want to be!”

It’s a fun interview with Dennis Kelly and me, followed up by the most important part of this episode – the free Group Frequency Calibration® (GFC). It will help get the momentum going. 

Until next time!



  • Getting from where you are to where you want to be requires momentum. On spirit level, the way to carry the momentum of frequency work forward is through personal accountability.

  • No one else can “save” us or walk our journey for us because only we are in charge of our own awakening. No one else has the ability to do that, which is an empowering state because we do not have to rely on anyone else for our awakening or spiritual acceleration.

  • In order to accelerate we must be willing to see our own “stuff” and be accountable for it.

  • One aspect of personal accountability is the willingness to look unflinchingly at oneself – without judgment – and to accept it, so you can ultimately release what no longer serves you.

  • It’s difficult to accelerate forward if you can’t accept who you are in your entirety.

  • Acceleration on spirit level is dictated by your higher self and no one else, so you will go at exactly the rate that you are meant to. Acceleration on the physical plane will depend on what you acknowledge, accept and be accountable for. The faster we get at catching our own “stuff” the more distance we gain from that “stuff”.

  • It takes courage to reflect on and to be with oneself.

  • When this journey begins you’re responding to the calling of a higher place, and it gets easier to see and accept all of ourselves. Even the messy parts. We can even get to the point where we truly love ourselves and therefore it is worth it to continue to accelerate forward because we are worthy of it.

  • Once we accept or claim our own brilliance without comparison to others, fear can no longer be our master

  • Listen to the GFC on Getting Where You Want to Be to facilitate accountability + clarity