Learn the difference between will of the mind vs. surrendered will and how surrendered will can be more effective, more productive and provide more opportunities than will from the mind.


–        Will of the mind is  highly celebrated because it is attributed with getting us to our outcomes. It can be effective but it’s limited because it can only take in a small percentage of the millions of data points happening at any moment in time. Surrendered will (i.e. surrendered to Pure Source, only) opens up new and many more possibilities because it’s not constrained by the limited data that the mind can absorb and process, nor what we think we want which is informed by the distortion patterns running through us.

–        Without doing frequency work to remove them, Distortion patterns are what form our “preferences”, thoughts, desires, emotions and what we think we want. That’s compounded by the inability of our minds to take in more than a fraction of the information available and its tendency to focus on the same patterns.

–        Surrendered will allows us to be open to possibilities that we wouldn’t have thought of or imagined, it allows us to enter into more creative thought, have different emotions, different ideas, allow for more opportunities and more magic comes in because we let go of and aren’t limited by what we think we want.

–        The opportunities that can arise for our greatest and highest good expand because they are fueled by the consciousness of Pure Source which is aware of all information at all points in “time” instead of being constrained by what we think we want.

–        When we surrender to Pure Source we let go of control, which allows us to expand at a much faster rate than if we’re trying to force things through our will alone.

–        “Surrendered will” is surrender from strength, and is very different from surrender from weakness or defeat, which is the norm of how we typically think of surrender.

–        Surrender from strength is when we are so complete, we know with absolutely certainty that we can transcend whatever obstacles or difficulties we are experiencing, so there is nothing to fear. So whatever shows up in your path it will be an opportunity to grow from or to learn from.

–        If we’re liberated from the fear of the unknown then we have more freedom to explore possibilities.

–        When we feel fear at the same time as the calling, when we move forward and act despite the fear, it is an act of power.

–        It is the combination of frequency work and being in life that gives us the lessons required to propel us forward most quickly. Removing oneself from people and life is a much slower path to spiritual growth for the vast majority of people.

–        All the possibilities are amazing if you’re not attached to what the outcome is.