Learn what the function of the breakdown is from spirit perspective, how to make the process faster and how we can use these times to tremendously accelerate our growth.


–        We often view crisis or breakdown as a “bad” thing and try to avoid it

–        It may look like breakdown but it is an indication that things need to shift

–        We need that breakdown to tear us out of our comfort zone of what we believe, assume, conclude so we can open to greater things

–        Often we’re scared of those greater things because they’re not known

–        The chaos, crisis, and deep emotional turmoil are required for us to reach a greater level of allowance or surrender that we normally would not be open to

–        Often the more we resist, the bigger or more intense the crisis has to be to get us to let go enough to learn what we need to learn

–        What is happening is not happening TO you it’s happening FOR you to learn something

–        Feather. Brick. Truck. Which one will you choose? (watch the full episode)

–        As we become more neutral we can sidestep the feather, brick, truck paradigm because everything becomes an opportunity to learn

–        The real opportunity is to awaken before the ultimate physical breakdown (death) so we can break though into true liberation (watch the full episode to hear more)