When I started on my spiritual journey, my mind was chattering away at me. 

All. The. Time. 

Sometimes what it was telling me was actually helpful, but often it really wasn’t. 

I had read about what the Zen Buddhists call “no mind,” where the mind comes to a complete stop. I remember not even being able to really relate to the idea of it, that’s how far away it seemed to me. 

I didn’t really understand that trying to still the mind through the mind alone was a pretty much impossible task. It’s only when I found frequency work that my mind slowly started to become quiet as my frequency resonance rose. 

At some point I experienced an amazing combination of still mind and a high enough resonance that allowed me to finally enter Pure Presence. This is when I realized how much freedom there was without the mind. 

In this week’s episode (#116), “What Is Different About Pure Presence?” Dennis and I discuss what I mean when I say Pure Presence, how it’s different from simply being present, how it benefits us, and how we actually get “there.” 

As a note, “Presence – Are You Doing It Right?” (episode 55) is a foundation for this episode’s discussion and GFC, so if you haven’t watched or listened to that one and done the GFC, you’ll get more out of this new episode if you check that one out first. 

The GFC (Group FREQUENCY CALIBRATION®) will begin to help get you closer to experiencing Pure Presence yourself, or help you deepen it if you’ve already been there. 

Without clearing these distortion patterns we’re more subject to mental tailspin. 

Note: “Presence – Are You Doing It Right?” (episode 55) is a foundation for this episode’s discussion and GFC.

Here’s to some quiet, at last! 

Let’s rise together.



•   When people talk about being present, they’re usually talking about linear time — meaning, being in the present moment of linear time. Pure Presence goes deeper than that. 

•   To be in Pure Presence, two things are required: 1) presence in your body, senses, and surroundings with very little mental thought, and 2) a high enough frequency resonance to enter the gateway of the Eternal Now. 
•   When you enter the state of Pure Presence, you bridge two kinds of time: the Eternal Now and linear time. This puts you at the gateway to infinite knowledge on spirit level and all the knowledge in the density form that’s contained in linear time. 
•   Nature exists in Pure Presence, and when you yourself enter this state in the presence of nature, you may receive a wave of energy — nature welcoming you back to your natural state. At this point, you really begin to have a sense of the oneness of the All That Is. 
•   Your embodiment of Pure Presence has the potential to give nature a big gift as well. Much-frequented places in nature tend to fall out of Pure Presence when they become distorted with the things humans have gone there to release: stress, mental chatter, worries, etc. But if you’re visiting that space in Pure Presence, you can reset the space into Pure Presence simply with the state of your beingness. 
•   You can be in Pure Presence anywhere — not only in nature. And when you are, the ripple effect of you being in that state will be — for you and others in your field — somewhat like as if you’d all walked into a forest. 
•   We all have the ability to reach a point in our frequency resonance that allows us to enter Pure Presence. But, as with many things, the more you chase it, the more elusive it becomes. Pure Presence is much more about the willingness to surrender than it is about the will to achieve.