Have you ever met someone for the first time and instantly felt like you knew them? In this episode, we’re discussing the spirit-level dynamics that lie behind that phenomenon.


  • Soul connections describe the relationships we have with different beings before we even come into this lifetime. From Karen’s perspective, these fall into 3 different groups: past life overlap, soul groups, and the spirit council.

  • Past life overlap simply means that you’ve incarnated with another being in the past — and this doesn’t necessarily connote a positive relationship, although it can be. The relationship could represent a cycle of oppression. Frequency work gives you a great opportunity, in this lifetime, to dissolve oppressive past life patterns.

  • Shifting past life patterns brings clarity into this lifetime, and because you’re no longer bound by them, you can make different choices: end a relationship, change it, etc. There’s momentum for something else.

  • A soul group is a group of beings you incarnate with regularly, though the durations of overlap in embodiment can vary: from a few years to an entire lifetime. These relationships are primarily positive and expansive, because you have an agreement with these beings to help the whole soul group ascend. Each in the group buoys the other.

  • Not everyone has a spirit council. But if you do, it’s made up of very highly resonating disincarnate beings. Your council may grow and change as you rise in resonance. They’re there to support you and help you clear your path in terms of raising your resonance. They provide a platform for your resonance to rise.

  • Beings who may be on your council have an interest in helping the collective ascend. That’s why they’re in support of you. They want to help create more momentum in the embodied plane by helping you raise your resonance, so that you may help the collective in turn. They’re in service to the one infinite creator.