The fear of loss is a fundamental part of the human experience. In this episode, we’re talking about how to shift that fear — and how doing so can impact the choices we make and the opportunities available to us.


  • Fear of loss is a huge driver of human behavior. We’ll often go to great lengths to avoid experiencing loss — in any of its many forms (loss of a person, relationship, security, resources, time, etc.).
  • This fear is a fundamental distortion pattern; it’s deeply woven into the experience of being human. If you’re human, you’re going to have this pattern, no matter what culture or religion you come from. And culture, religion, and lineage will likely impose further layers of distortions upon this pattern as well.
  • Fear of loss is tied to an identification with the ego mind (or little “s” self). When we’re operating from that perspective, there’s a perceived separation from the divine. There’s a perception of scarcity in our reality — and so there’s something to lose.
  • As we shift into the new consciousness, we move from identification with the ego mind to identifying more with spirit (the big “S” Self). From this perspective, you have an awareness of yourself as infinite consciousness. There is no scarcity, no loss — only a change of form.
  • From this perspective, for example, you can perceive that the death of a loved one is simply a change of form. It’s a shift from a physical embodiment to a disembodied state. When you’re connected to the infiniteness of the big “S” Self, you can recognize that and shift your relationship with what is normally — from a more human perspective — perceived as loss.
  • Shifting this pattern isn’t about changing your mindset or suppressing the fear. It runs deep, and the real work of releasing it will be done through frequency work. And when you release it, your choices and possibilities will broaden and expand. Releasing this fear allows you to live a fuller experience of life.