Have you ever changed the way you talked or how you behaved when you were with different people?

I had a friend who was exceptional at this.

People loved her because she shifted who she was so much to mirror them, it’s like they felt like they were talking to another version of themselves (and it turns out people generally really like that!).

Although it made people feel close to her very quickly, it was at a high cost to her.

She didn’t really know who she was, other than she was great at shape shifting.

Part of her journey was to start to claim what I call “Fundamental Authenticity”, which means when our frequency resonance is high enough, we have a much stronger sense of who we are—of our own brilliance—and as a result, don’t have a need or desire to change who we are to gain acceptance or like or love from others.

In this week’s episode (#105) Dennis and I delve into what fundamental authenticity is, how to cultivate it and how it changes everything in all of our relationships—including, most importantly, with ourselves.

The free GFC (Group Frequency Calibration®) at the end will help you deepen your experience of fundamental authenticity, regardless of where you’re at currently.

Without clearing these distortion patterns we’re living our lives more for others than for ourselves.

Let’s rise together!


  • We often go into a shapeshifting pattern when we’re with others. We change who we are and sometimes even take on their burdens — and we do so for many reasons: to be accommodating, to have others like us, to be a “good person”, to be accepted. Some of us change so much that we feel out of alignment with who we think we are.

  • As a natural consequence of releasing enough distortion patterns, gaining internal strength, and rising in resonance, we begin to embody a greater level of neutrality. In this state, we’re less attached to external reference points — like others’ approval — that we might once have needed in order to experience a sense of wholeness. We feel whole in and of ourselves. As a result, we can embody more fundamental authenticity during interactions with others.

  • Fundamental authenticity means that you don’t feel the need to shift depending on who you’re with. You don’t feel compelled to take on the frequency of others’ burdens or to let them push their frequencies into you. You recognize that shifting who you are can be exhausting, and you’re less willing to deplete yourself to accommodate others.

  • Fundamental authenticity is natural to you. It’s your true nature. As you strengthen, you return to this natural state. You begin to realize your boundaries, hold your space, and recognize the difficulty of another person’s journey — without letting it negatively impact your resonance.

  • Embodying fundamental authenticity actually buoys the people around you. Being without a personal agenda and offering a neutral space allows them a lot of choice. It’s a state that can catalyze tremendous change for others. They can also entrain up to the higher resonance you’re embodying.

  • You’ll hold more fundamental authenticity as a natural consequence of releasing your distortion patterns, and observing is a powerful tool in this journey. See yourself, take personal accountability, and confirm the deletion of your distortion patterns