Whenever I’m learning something new, whether it’s a new recipe or a new piece of software, it can be really helpful to see what someone else has done to even know what the possibilities are.

We can learn a lot from other people’s stories, and it’s no different with our spiritual journeys.

Each of our journeys is unique to us, AND when you hear what someone else has experienced it can help frame your own experience and give you aha moments you wouldn’t have had otherwise.

This week, in episode 107, we’re stirring in something new! I’m interviewing a very special guest by the name of Tia Hendrickson who will be sharing her journey to awakening so far. My hope is that you’ll gain some insights into your own journey as you listen to hers.

The free GFC (Group Frequency Calibration®) at the end will begin to help to clear the distortion patterns that are holding you back from having even more embodied momentum.

Without clearing these distortion patterns, we can feel like we’re swimming upstream in a current of mud.

Let’s rise together!