When I was little, one of my favorite things ever was to listen to someone reading a story.

As they read, my imagination filled in all these details and the stories came to life in my mind.

If the storyteller had to stop before the end of the story for some reason, I’d wonder what happened next and my imagination would take off, creating my own ending.

When we’re little, our imagination is encouraged as long as it’s not “too much” or doesn’t veer into what makes adults uncomfortable, and when we’re adults, unless we’re involved in some particularly creative pursuit, imagination is discouraged as “not real,” just something for children.

In this week’s episode (#112), Dennis and I discuss imagination and how it’s the key on spirit level to so much more than we typically think, how it’s one of our most powerful tools and how it’s the seed of creation manifestation.

The free GFC (Group Frequency Calibration®) at the end will begin to help you release the distortion patterns that keep you from accessing the greater potential of your imagination.

Without releasing these distortion patterns we tend to stay limited in the same reality that we continuously create, without even knowing that that’s what we’re doing.

Why not imagine something better?

Let’s rise together!



  • Many children are taught to discredit their imagination. That imagining things is a waste of time. The implication is that only what’s in our physical reality is worthy of our attention. But to dismiss imagination as foolish is actually a form of control. Believing so keeps us small.
  • Imagination is incredibly powerful. It allows us to escape the linear mind and transcend the rules of what the mind thinks is possible. And it’s the starting point to creation-manifestation: exercising that muscle habituates you to having more possibilities open to you. But if you’re conditioned to believe that imagination is neither real nor valuable, then your creation-manifestation ability diminishes significantly. 
  • Unleashing the imagination propels you into the not-yet-known, and allows you to experience the power of co-creation with Pure Source. Like storytelling, it transports you into different realms where you can have experiences you otherwise might not.
  • Imagining doesn’t mean seeing — it doesn’t need to be a visual experience. Feeling is also on the same spectrum of creation; seeing is at the masculine end of that spectrum, and feeling is on the feminine end. A lot of us are somewhere in between. 
  • Often people can’t tell if something actually happened to them or they imagined it. Those who experience multiple timelines or realities at the same time tend to discredit what they’re actually experiencing as imagination. 
  • When fear kicks in, it can drive a tailspin of negative imagination. Be aware when fear is driving your imagination. But used constructively, imagination can also allow us entrain up to a higher resonation. Even simply listening to a story of awakening can allow us to rise to a higher level of consciousness without even realizing it. Imagination is an incredibly powerful tool in our ascension.