When Chris and I first moved to Hawaii, one of the things that I really noticed was that there were a lot of informal memorials or “shines” to people who’d been killed in car accidents by the side of the road.

There’d be someone’s favorite t-shirt mounted, a sign of that person’s name, flowers and that type of thing. 

There is a lot of reverence for their dead in the Hawaiian culture.

Given my abilities, I’d notice that often with the newer or more recent shrines the dead would be sort of lingering around them, whereas with the much older ones, sometimes they were and sometimes they weren’t.

There is a lot of fear about the dead, mostly because death is so misunderstood and little explained.

In this week’s episode (#115) Dennis and I talk about the dead. My intention with this episode is to demystify them because often we’ll fear something much less if we understand it better or are more familiar with it.

The free GFC (Group Frequency Calibration®) at the end will help to begin to clear the distortion patterns of fear that we have about the dead so we can hold our space better if we see or sense them around us.

Without clearing these distortion patterns, our frequency resonance drops because we are in fear or anxiety simply because we’re uninformed.

Let’s rise together!


  • Many of us who believe in some sort of afterlife assume that when we die we automatically cross over into Pure Source. But we don’t. A lot of people die and — for a number of reasons — don’t cross over.

  • The first step in the death process, after exiting the body, is to move into a gray space the Tibetans have called the Bardo. It’s foggy and windy and — if you don’t know where you’re going — might feel like you could get lost. Many people get stuck there, and many others don’t even make it to this step. They’re afraid when they die and stop themselves from moving through this process. As a result, there are a large number of dead people still on this plane.

  • Dead people on this plane fall into four basic types: the older dead, the newer dead, dead who are more awake, dead who are more asleep.

  • The older dead have often been dead for millennia. They know they’re dead and are ready to move on — they’re just waiting for their chance to cross over into the field of Pure Source.

  • The newer dead often don’t even know they’re dead. They’re confused and very attached to the human realm. They hang around those they love and the spaces they once inhabited. They likely don’t even know they want to move into Pure Source.

  • Dead who are more awake know they need to move into Pure Source, and they’re doing what they can, where they are, to increase their resonance and facilitate their movement into Pure Source.

  • Dead who are more asleep make no effort to move into Pure Source — they’re generally unaware of such an option. They get used to the space they’re in.

  • Irrespective of how people have died, Karen can help cross dead people into Pure Source. Some are more ready than others to go, and they all have choice. Karen has not yet come across someone who has been made aware of the field of Pure Source energy, and not chosen to move into it. 

  • Karen very often works with (living) people who have dead people in their physical or spirit bodies. It’s not a possession and often not malicious. But when people aren’t ready to die, they freak out and latch onto something familiar: a familiar frequency pattern, usually that of a family member. 

  • The more entrenched a dead person becomes in that living person, the more the living person will be impacted. The dead become part of the frequency bundle of that person. Their worries, fears, and physical issues can begin to show up in that living person. Their frequency of decay speeds up the aging process in the living.

  • Many people can have the ability to pick up on fragments of thought forms from the dead. If you’re hearing thoughts, often in the form of verbal commands, it might be coming from a dead person around you. When they know you can hear them, they get excited at the chance to talk to someone. If you ignore them, the communications will usually taper off. And doing frequency work will also help — by creating more boundaries between you and others, living or dead.