Have you ever found that gaining a different perspective of something provides “aha!” moments or a clarification of nuances that you didn’t even know you needed? 

As you may know, my husband and business partner Chris resonates at a similar frequency to me but he doesn’t have the same abilities or perceptions that I do. 

He’s much more physically based and has had a much different experience in his journey to awakening.

A few months ago, I asked him questions that a number of our community members had for him. We couldn’t get to all of them and we received such positive feedback for that interview, that in this week’s episode #117, I interview him again.

He will share more about his experience in his journey and also his perspective from the masculine.

The free GFC (Group Frequency Calibration®) at the end will help you begin to release the distortion patterns that hold you back from accepting all of you so you can more easily embody the highest version of yourself currently available to you.

Without releasing these distortion patterns, we can often go into self doubt, self judgment, inaccurate comparisons to others, etc., that only pulls our frequency resonance down.

Let’s rise together!



Chris joins Karen in this episode to share his perspective on that journey, and talk about what the masculine has started to look like for him as he continues to grow. 

He’s answering some viewer questions and addressing such themes as:

  • How frequency work has changed his understanding of masculinity

  • How motorcycling helps him stay grounded in his physical body, and why that’s important

  • Why fundamental authenticity is key to embodying and expressing the masculine

  • How the masculine and feminine can support and elevate each other in synergetic ascension

  • What true leadership looks like in the new paradigm