When Chris and I lived in San Francisco, I had a friend who was really close to her family. They lived in a city that was about 2 hours away by car so she didn’t see them nearly as much as before she moved to San Francisco, but they were very much a part of her life.
The family was HUGE — lots of siblings, cousins, aunts, nephews and nieces.
I would have needed a chart to track them all!
My friend’s mom was the matriarch. She always was throwing dinners, parties and BBQs to celebrate the different happenings in everyone’s life. She loved to entertain and her large extended family was who she hosted the most.
Even though my friend lived a couple of hours away and had a busy work schedule, her mom always wanted her to help and expected her to attend most of the shindigs.
So I watched as my friend would tucker herself out, spending two or three days (during an already insanely busy week) running back home, helping, connecting, being a good hostess’s daughter.
She felt like she couldn’t say “no” to her mom, even though assisting in this way placed a huge toll on how she felt, her work and her other relationships.
In this week’s episode (#122) Tia and I talk about what it means to hold our space on frequency level, why it’s so important, what the cost is on the physical and spirit level when we don’t and how to do it better.
The GFC (Group Frequency Calibration®) at the end will begin to help release the distortion patterns that keep you from holding your space.
If we can’t hold our space not only is our emotional world at the mercy of others’ emotions and stresses, we can’t get beyond a certain point on frequency level because we’re not strong enough or complete enough to get past that point.
Here’s to the gateway of freedom!
Let’s rise together,


  • With awareness, you can pretty easily gauge how well you’re holding your space when you interact with others or receive information. If you’re affected by someone else’s stress, urgency, and emotions, you’re likely not holding your space. If you’re negatively affected by something you see on social media or in the news, you’re likely not holding your space. Do you find yourself trying to control others or circumstances? This is yet another example of not holding your space. 

  • The spirit-level mechanics behind all these situations is similar: it has to do with the spirit body. In the sphere of your spirit body, there should be nothing but you, your higher self, and Pure Source. But oftentimes, someone or something else pushes into this space. And sometimes you come out of your space and into another’s.

  • A strong spirit body is smooth, bright, and thick. Not holding your space is an indication of a porous spirit body. 

  • It can really derail you to get bogged down in another’s emotional state and their frequency resonance. You may find yourself feeling cranky, depleted, resentful, and pushed around. You may often feel triggered around others.

  • If you are holding your space, you feel complete and whole in and of yourself. You recognize that your worth is in your beingness. You have the ability to hold boundaries — including not trying to control others.

  • If you keep doing frequency work, you’ll feel more worthy of holding your space. And from spirit perspective, you must hold your space or else you’ll cap out in terms of resonance. Absorbing others’ resonance can pull you down such that you won’t be able to rise above a certain point.