When I was growing up, my Dad was very not traditionally Chinese in many ways but when it came to his authority as the head of the household, he was VERY Chinese.
My sister and I were not really allowed to question what he said or the rules that he set. 
“Because I said so.” was often his answer to a question that he viewed as challenging him, and that answer was simply the end of the discussion.
Interestingly, that same authority he imposed on us, he himself gave to certain professionals, such as doctors.
If they told him something, he would accept it without question.
How often do we value or believe someone else’s opinion above our own intuitive response because they are in a perceived position of authority — whether it’s because of their title, or what we perceive that they know, or because we believe that they are somehow better than we are?
In this week’s episode (Ep #123) Tia and I discuss “What It Means To Give Your Power Away.” We talk about what that can look like, what the consequences of this are, how easy it is to do, and how to hold your power for yourself.
The GFC (Group Frequency Calibration®) at the end will help to begin to give you more clarity as to when you’re giving your power away and to strengthen you so you don’t do it as much or as easily.
Without releasing the distortion patterns around this, we are always at the mercy of others’ opinions of what is best for us.
Let’s rise together!


  • Giving away your power happens when you elevate someone else above yourself in authority. Doing so allows others to exercise control over you. 

  • We give away our power for many reasons: We feel others are smarter than us, they wield positions of power or authority, or they’re better than us in some way. It’s a common part of the human experience, and we’ve been conditioned to do it since we were small.

  • It happens on scales both large and small — systemically and interpersonally. On a systemic level, we’re seeing it happen a lot right now with the campaign around vaccines. In the effort to persuade people to vaccinate, there’s a lot of shaming, a lot of “shoulds”, and plenty of confusion. It can be hard for people to listen to their intuition about what is right for them. A similar dynamic can play out on a personal level, with doctors, teachers, healers — we often follow their authority without question. Or if we do question it, we feel pressured to follow them anyway.

  • We don’t like to feel confused. It makes us feel unstable, uncertain, and we’ll try to resolve it — even by allowing ourselves to be manipulated. So be on the lookout for times that you feel confusion, and when you do, allow yourself to pause. Allow yourself to be in the discomfort. You may need to center yourself in your body, move, breathe, or get into nature. It’ll pull you away from the confusion. From that place of centeredness, you can check in with yourself: Is the thing you’re being compelled to do (or not do, etc.) actually congruent with you?

  • Giving away your power is a dishonoring of your own brilliance and sovereignty. You may not yet feel your brilliance. It often takes some focused frequency work to clarify and perceive it. It may come in glimpses, and there’s no one way to feel it. But once you start to release the distortion patterns that make it difficult for you to have true awareness of your brilliance, you may feel amazed by your own magnificence. And you’ll likely want to honor yourself more and more.