One of the things I love most about what I do is witnessing others discover and embody their own brilliance.
All of our journeys there are truly unique.
How long it takes us can really vary, but whenever I am fortunate enough to witness that happening, even for a moment, it’s profoundly moving.
Especially at the beginning, it’s easy to think “that’ll never happen for me. It can only happen for someone who has abilities like Karen.”
And that’s exactly why this week, I’m interviewing a special guest. Her name is Arancha. 
She started off on her spirit journey pretty much like the rest of us, with a typical measure of negative self talk, self-judgment and resistance to her day.
In her story (Ep #125), we’ll get to hear what her experience was, what it is now and what she feels is possible for her in the future. And she’s special, but not unique. You’ll likely hear in her story things you can identify with. If she can do this, so can you!
The GFC (Group Frequency Calibration®) at the end will help begin to release the distortion patterns that keep you from accepting and being more at ease with yourself.
“The Relationship With The ONE” is available on the Products section of the website. I strongly recommend it, if you want to really kick-start the process of falling in love with yourself.
When you truly fall in love with yourself, the rest of your relationships, whether intimate or otherwise, start to uplevel and reflect that much higher level love affair that you have with yourself!
What if your best friend and most intimate person was… you? 
This is entirely possible, and can change the nature of all your relationships because you’re not needing the relationships to feel complete in yourself, allowing for so much more joy, freedom, and ease.

In this episode, Arancha reflects on her journey and shares some key takeaways, such as:

  • How, as a lifelong truth-seeker, she found frequency work and began to create shifts in her life and relationships. Once she realized she’d found something life-changing, she dedicated and disciplined herself to gain the most from the experience.
  • How her relationships, always her biggest struggle, have shifted as a result of releasing distortion patterns. Ultimately, her relationship with self has prevailed as the most important one in her life, from which everything else follows: She’s learned to assert authority, protect her personal space, and ensure the integrity of her relationship with her higher self. It’s been a long journey of learning to love herself at a deep level.
  • How her creation-manifestation abilities have accelerated. Things are in flow, and life has shifted into an exciting adventure as a result. From her perspective, life is getting better and better, with more than enough solutions to any problems that arise.
  • What she calls the Triple A: awareness, accountability, and attitude. These 3 principles guide her in life, her spiritual journey, and enhance the effectiveness of the frequency work she’s doing.
  • Plan to stick around for the GFC at the end of the interview. This is where the change really happens!

Also, please note that unlike the typical episodes of Mastering Your World Through Frequencies, this episode was recorded over Zoom.

As a result, the audio isn’t the greatest in some areas. We have supplied subtitles throughout to make it easier to understand what Arancha and Karen are saying.

If you’re curious about past life regression or hypnotherapy with Arancha, you can reach her at [email protected] to schedule a remote session. Please note, that this is NOT a paid endorsement nor was any exchange made for it. The work that Arancha does through the modality of her choice, is clarified and of a much higher resonance because of her personal frequency resonance.You likely would benefit not only from her work and also simply from being in her field.