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The first time I heard of those float pods where you get into highly salinated water that’s exactly body temperature, so you can float without any effort, in total blackness, I was in Montreal visiting my sister.
She’d been in it once before and liked it, so I was curious.
Then I found out it was a whole hour where you float without much sensation of the physical body.
What would that be like?
So we booked an appointment.
It turned out that it can result in pretty epic meditations and some oddly deep rest state. I loved it so much we booked appointments every other day for the rest of my stay.
That state of suspension in a float pod is similar to what we experience on spirit level when we move from one consciousness resonance to another, even if it’s smaller and more personal.
In this week’s episode (#133) of Mastering Your World Through Frequencies Tia and I discuss The Spaces In Between — the Void & the Death Space, so you understand what these are if you get to the frequency resonance where you start to experience this, what the benefits of these spaces are, and what to do when you find yourself in them.
The GFC (Group Frequency Calibration®) will begin to help you to release the distortion patterns which prevent you from entering these spaces.
Without allowing ourselves to be in these in-between spaces, it can take us a lot longer to release what we need to to enter higher resonating states.
Let’s rise together!



  • In every natural cycle, there’s a life and death component. The death space is a name for the space in between jumps in consciousness. At a certain resonance, we’re often required to go through the death space as we grow and ascend on this upward trajectory.

  • The death space is a fragment of the void. The void is between all layers of consciousness, and it’s very feminine in nature. It is of absolute “nothingness” yet simultaneously absolute potential. All form comes from the void — it contains the potential of everything that is yet to come into form. 

  • You’ll get to a point in your resonance where you’ll experience nothingness. It doesn’t matter how much you try to do, it’ll dissolve and nothing will move forward. This is the death space, and there’s a lot of opportunity here — if you approach it correctly. 

  • When you find yourself in the death space, the best approach is to stop. Take the opportunity to be in surrender: You’re meant to be still, nourish, and release things. Powering through won’t work. You can release a tremendous amount by being still.

  • The death space allows you to experience an extraordinary amount of neutrality. You have a huge buffer between you and everything else. Without the usual mental and emotional noise, you have the potential to gain clarity on what may or may not be serving you. 

  • During the times that you’re in the death space, just know that it’s happening. Take care of yourself and your body. Allow and facilitate surrender — things will get moving again, and you’ll be in a better position to take advantage of it if you’ve allowed yourself to make the most of the death space while you were there.