For this episode’s GFC go to: https://youtu.be/EfHGR5RnMZw

When I was growing up in the 70s we had a black and white TV with rabbit ears that my dad would have to rotate around to get a good picture and we needed to change the channel, someone would have to get up to rotate the heavy dial between the nine channels that we had access to.

Whenever we did watch something, my sister and I would lie on our tummies, heads toward the TV.

It was pretty easy then for my parents to control what we watched and when. 

Now kids are exposed to digital devices at an incredibly young age. We’re getting emails from parents who are concerned about their kids being addicted to their devices. 

Another concern that we’re hearing from parents is that their kids are struggling with not wanting to be here, having dark thoughts and self isolating.

In this week’s episode (#134) of Mastering Your World Through Frequencies, Tia and I are discussing what’s going on with kids these days so as parents you can understand what’s happening with them at spirit level to give you greater context. 

Because I feel this is an important community service, the GFC (Group Frequency Calibration®) at the end is a full length 30-minute GFC to help both kids and parents recalibrate, find their centers and navigate this intense time together even better.

Without releasing these distortion patterns and without being in the zero point of space and time it can be easy for things to spiral into a scary place.

Let’s rise together!


  • Many clients of Karen’s are concerned about what their kids have been going through lately. So many of them are becoming addicted to devices and digital media, having dark or suicidal thoughts, numbing out to the world, lacking purpose, or feeling depressed. 
  • Many are new consciousness kids (beings of a higher level order) and are here to help the collective buoy up in resonance. Despite the issues they’re experiencing, these kids may seem generally wiser or more sensitive, and many have special abilities. It’s an already unstable time with so much fear, blame, and hate in the collective — and if kids are sensitive to this, they’re having an especially hard time. If their parents lack context for what’s happening in the world right now, it can be extremely hard for these kids to get the help they need.  
  • Digital devices are particularly challenging for kids. The flicker frequency of these devices entrances and can easily addict those who use them. As a result, kids (and not only kids) can start to disassociate from their bodies, come out of the zero point of space and time, and merge with the world of the device. In addition, some of the content kids explore is predatory and meant to hook them. 
  • Kids often lack a strong sense of who they are, and often may feel like things are pushing in on them. So they escape: many escape online or disassociate from their bodies. Many aren’t grounded in their bodies, and are not firmly rooted in space or the present moment of time.  
  • Given the right kind of help, though, kids can shift quickly. It’s important to get kids into their bodies, and two of the best ways of doing this are to do outdoor activities that ground them. Limit screen time. The GFC at the end of this interview will help. They don’t even have to actively listen to it. Playing it in the background or while your children sleep will benefit them. 
  • You may have to battle your kids over screen time, but it’s important to remember that you aren’t your kids’ friend — you’re meant to guide them. Giving them boundaries around screen time isn’t oppressing them. You’re leading.