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I remember the first time I saw a monk.
I was seven years old and we stopped in Bangkok en route to Malaysia to visit my father’s side of the family for the first time.
Even back then, Bangkok was a crazy, big city bustling with huge numbers of people.
We were out walking to breakfast when a string of young men clad in saffron robes, with shaved heads and bowls in their arms passed alongside of us.
I’d never seen a monk before. They weren’t old either. They were young.
I asked my dad why these young men were monks.
I don’t remember his exact words, but what stayed with me was that they chose to be away from the world to devote themselves to the divine for a period of time.
What I couldn’t get over, is that they would actually choose meditating instead of playing video games with their buddies, or any other of the million fun things they could have been doing.
I have great respect for people who are called to engage with the divine in this way, but is it really required that we sequester ourselves from the world to accelerate spiritually? Is there a benefit to that seclusion?
In this week’s episode, (#135) Making The Most Of Life, Tia and I talk about what happens when we separate ourselves from life for long periods of time, what we can learn from the challenges we encounter and how to bridge the spirit and physical worlds.
After the discussion, the GFC (Group Frequency Calibration®) will help you to make the most out of the challenges and friction of life so you can accelerate forward.
Without releasing these distortion patterns, we can easily get stuck, spinning in overwhelm.
Let’s rise together!


  • Some folks who start frequency work try to stay away from experiencing life. It can be painful, messy, and full of friction — but life and all its challenges provide us a fantastic opportunity.

  • The fire of life allows us to see where our distortion patterns are and gives us plenty of opportunity to confirm their removal. And it’s easier to grow and transcend in this friction, because it gives you a good chance to take stock of your personal accountability and use your findings as fuel to buoy upward in resonance.

  • If you’re internally complete and whole, then you can just *be* with life, with all its ups and downs. But if you find yourself getting pushed off center by the people and circumstances around you, you likely still have work to do in strengthening yourself.

  • You might, however, find yourself going through a period where you feel pulled into more solitude in order to establish a stronger sense of yourself — outside of your relationships with others. During these times, it’s natural to feel less compelled to be with others.

  • As you rise in resonance, you’ll likely notice a difference between yourself and others in terms of resonance. You might feel more selective about who you’re with and the dynamics you choose to participate in. Some people might just fall naturally out of your life, and you might begin to take less pleasure in the company of certain others. Notice if you’re experiencing “spiritual arrogance”, though — feeling better than others who aren’t resonating as highly. 

  • As you rise in resonance, you may find yourself holding more gratitude for the human experience. Even while experiencing discomfort, you get to have an appreciation of it from a higher-level order. Being embodied can be painful, but it’s where the growth is.