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Until I was about six, I really believed in Santa Claus.
I was a little confused about how on Christmas Eve he could have gotten into the apartment that we lived in at the time, since there was no fireplace or chimney.
I guess I figured that if this magical, jolly, bearded man of considerable size could make it around the whole world in a single night, stealthily sneaking into houses through chimneys to drop off gifts for every good little girl boy, he could probably sort out how to get into our place, too, like a big, merry, kindly, magical ninja – who could rock a red suit.
I was definitely a pretty gullible little kid, and if I saw something on TV, *obviously* it had to be true!
** SPOILER ALERT ** It turns out Santa Claus didn’t exist.
When I discovered that someone, who I now realize made up a pretty big part of my reality at that young age, was simply a story grown ups told their kids, how I perceived my world fundamentally shifted.
What happens when a fundamental part of our reality shifts? How much can our lives change?
What if something invisible that holds us back suddenly becomes revealed AND we discover that we can remove it with laser focus? 
In this week’s episode of Mastering Your World Through Frequencies (#137), Tia and I talk about the worst distortion patterns of all, why they’re so insidious, what they affect and what happens when we start to release them.
Without releasing them, we can so easily stay stuck, in ways that make no sense to us, no matter what we try to do. Not awesome.

Let’s rise together!




  • We’re all unique, with different experiences and journeys — and often this translates into distortion patterns specific to each of us. But some distortion patterns are so hardwired into the human experience that we assume that’s just how life is, or has to be, in our reality.
  • These foundational distortion patterns stem from dropping down into embodiment and passing through the veil of forgetting, where we forget our true nature as infinite indestructible consciousness. In this forgetting, we feel disconnected from the divine. And a lot of distortion patterns spring forth as a result.
  • What are some of these foundational distortion patterns? Fear of loss, which keeps us trying very hard not to lose people or things. It comes from absolute scarcity: when you feel like you’re not (and could never be) enough and have to strive for something outside of yourself to feel complete.
  • Spirit debt is a distortion pattern that requires us to give a lot in order to receive very little in return. Low self-worth / non-deserving is another foundational pattern that keeps us separate from experiencing who we really are.
  • Releasing foundational distortion patterns is a huge freedom, and because they’re deeply embedded into our DNA, it’s likely not possible to release them without doing frequency work. You can’t think your way out of these patterns. Spherical Luminosity offers Deep Dives that address these patterns, and the Coherence Mastery course addresses them as well.
  • In order to access and integrate the higher-level frequencies of the new consciousness, we must get these denser patterns out of the way. And while Karen can remove these frequencies on spirit level, it’s critical that you confirm their removal from the physical, mental, and emotional fields as well. Confirming the removal of your distortion patterns is a hugely powerful tool if you want to see massive change in your life.