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I remember watching the news in the early 90s of the siege at the Waco, Texas compound of the Branch Davidians.
After all was said and done, 76 people died in that siege, many of the followers, or the children of the cult,leader who had fathered them with girls between the ages of 12 and 15.
I couldn’t really wrap my head around the dynamics of cults and how terrifying it seems like it would be to be in one.
No matter what rhetoric a charismatic leader espouses, it generally seems pretty obvious to outsiders that the oppression and control of cults is not really about the divine, so what is it that draws seemingly smart, regular people in? Is there something we can learn about how that oppression works, and where to be aware of it in what we consider to be our “normal” environment.
In this week’s episode of Mastering Your World Through Frequencies (#138), I’m joined by a special guest Veronica, who was born into a cult. We discuss what it was like growing up in that environment, what the control aspect was like and what the ramifications of that level of control were for her and others like her.
From her story, we can start to see how even if we’ve never personally experienced them at that level. those same frequencies of control, oppression, and polarization are all present in our lives and that cults are extreme examples of these forces that are so prevalent in the old consciousness.
At the end, there is a GFC (Group Frequency Calibration®) to help you to clear control and fear patterns from you — so you can stay more centered, grounded, and hold your space better in the face of these dynamics.
So many people who have been in and around cults have difficulty feeling like they are able to fully break free. Often there’s a sense of not quite feeling whole, and a challenge feeling one’s true brilliance. If you’ve experienced any of this, Karen has created a free, full length GFC to help you begin to release a number of the patterns discussed in the podcast. This is a gift from Karen and Spherical Luminosity should you feel called to it — a free service to the community. You can find it by clicking here.
Whichever GFC applies to you — the general one after the episode, or the specific one on the website — clearing these patterns will help raise your resonance so you are better able to access the higher level frequencies.
Let’s rise together!


  • Veronica was born into a fairly well known cult. It was a stifling and strict environment, with a big focus on purity. Growing up, she began to question the cult’s practices and challenge authority — which got her into trouble on a youth trip to Germany when she was 16.

  • The leaders of the trip put her in isolation — without access to food, sleep, or her passport — and attempted to break her mentally. Veronica got sick, had a transformative near-death experience, and left the cult when she got back home.

  • After leaving, Veronica committed herself to making the most of her life. But having been born into the cult experience, she didn’t have something to “go back to”, and navigating life outside the cult had often been a challenge. Romantic relationships, financial abundance, and finding comfort with her own brilliance have been particularly tricky. Doing frequency work has helped her move through many of those challenges.

  • It’s extremely difficult for members to truly leave the cult dynamic. Even after physically breaking ties, cult leaders are still hooked in to their members on spirit level: the leader (often possessed by something dark or alien) imposes control by intertwining with a member’s spirit body and hijacking their rendering. After Veronica left the cult, this dynamic was still at the source point of what created her reality; it did not end when she broke physical ties with the cult. Frequency work was essential in helping her gain sovereignty over her spirit body.


To better discern cult-like situations:

  • Recognize and release oppression distortion patterns that run through you. With oppression frequencies running, you’ll simply call in more oppressive situations for yourself. Awareness alone is rarely enough. Clearing the frequency distortions is key.

  • Notice your own tendencies to try to control others. Notice when others (people, religions, jobs, other organizations) try to impose control over you. Note your resistance to the control, and the purpose behind the control. Assess whether you want to participate in it. Can you create a dynamic where you don’t participate in that oppression? Certain structures can be controlling, but if you have a high enough resonance, you can get to a point where you don’t personally feel oppressed even when surrounded by that dynamic.