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Somewhere along the way in my spiritual journey, I was told that in order for me to ascend higher, I needed to surrender.

So I did what I thought was surrendering.

I made lists of what was holding me back, looked at my own stuff and took ownership of it and tried to surrender more.

And then I was told that I still needed to surrender.

I really wanted to. I recognized that I needed to but I didn’t know how to do anything different and didn’t understand what that all really entailed.

Sound familiar?

In this episode (#139) of Mastering Your World Through Frequencies, Tia and I talk about what surrender is, how “surrendering from strength” differs from what we typically think of as surrender, why it’s so important and then how to actually “do” it.

At the end, the GFC (Group Frequency Calibration®) will help you begin to release the distortion patterns that keep you from surrendering from strength.

You can’t think your way to surrender. Without releasing the distortion patterns that keep you from letting go, it will be difficult to get to the state that is required for the awakening process.

Let’s rise together!

If you are interested in further work on this topic, the Deep Dive on “Surrender From Strength – 2021 Upgrade” is available here.

  • Surrender is about letting go of attachment, resistance, and control. When we hold on to those things, we aren’t surrendered — and there’s a lot of friction in our lives. It goes hand-in-hand with neutrality: The more neutral you are, the more surrendered you are (and vice versa). Surrender must happen first, though, for you to enter the neutral state.
  • Surrender is a critical part of awakening. Because of the ego mind, we want what we want — and we want it now! The ego mind is driven by attachment and control, so if we stay mired in the ego, we can’t rise past a certain point in frequency resonance. The ego mind puts us in resistance to the unfolding of what is. And it’s a futile effort in resistance.
  • To move into higher levels of resonance, we have to release fear, which is fundamental to the human experience. Surrendering allows you to transcend that fear and recognize that something bigger is supporting you. You feel the bigger picture and release into what is unfolding.
  • You don’t have to negate what you desire in order to surrender. Desire is the seed of creation, and forward movement is important — it’s the attachment to the outcome of your desire that is the issue. Things may not go your way, and choosing to surrender to what unfolds allows you to experience a greater amount of joy and peace.
  • Surrender only to Pure Source. You don’t want to surrender to oppression, control, abuse, or other people. This is surrender from strength, not surrender out of defeat, despair or yielding to an external force. 
  • Frequency work is crucial in moving into deeper levels of surrender, where you’ll find more magic, synchronicity, and freedom. The GFC at the end of the interview is a great place to start, and there’s also a longer Deep Dive around this topic available – click here for more information.