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When I was in university I met a new friend who was seeking to “find herself”.
That’s not that unusual at that age, but I noticed that as part of trying to find herself she would hang out with different groups of people, getting a sense of different folks — who they were and what made them tick.
As part of this, she would take on their causes, their sense of righteousness, their indignation and eventually, even their sense of wounding.
She’d feel all of that very deeply. It really affected her ability to be in school and ultimately she ended up dropping out.
This person was an extreme case, but what she had was a very fuzzy or weak sense of self, so she readily took on others’.
In this week’s episode of Mastering Your World Through Frequencies, Tia and I talk about what it means to not have a strong sense of self, how it can affect us and how we can internally strengthen so we’re not as susceptible to everyone else’s emotions, thoughts, limitations and stresses.
After the discussion, the GFC (Group Frequency Calibration®) will help you begin to internally clarify and strengthen who you truly are.
Without releasing the patterns that prevent us from doing this, we can feel a little lost and incomplete.
Let’s rise together!


  • A weak or fuzzy sense of self is when a person doesn’t have a strong sense of who they are unless they’re referencing externally: relationships, job, where one lives, how much they make, etc. It’s based in the ego mind. When those external factors crumble, it’s devastating to one with a weak sense of self.
  • When you truly know who you are, that clarity comes from a much higher order. This is from the (Big S) Self: You’re aware of who you are from the perspective of spirit, you know your own brilliance, and you won’t be easily controlled or oppressed. You’ve got nothing to prove, don’t need to be better than anyone, and you generally have more neutrality so are much less prone to getting triggered by external people, things and events.
  • Those with a fuzzy sense of self tend to seek a lot and require the momentum of other people. They can be swayed easily, and often lose themselves in movements or groups. It’s almost like a hole inside that needs to be filled.
  • Many with a weak sense of self don’t like being in their bodies. They have a hard time centering into their spirit bodies and lack clear boundaries. Being raised to be nice, too, can distort into self-sacrifice. With these things going on, the frequencies you’re running are practically calling for others to push in.
  • When these people do frequency work, their sense of self will strengthen and they’ll become more empowered. They’ll begin to feel more comfortable saying “no.” Men who do this work will become more solid and grounded. Women will take on a presence that is soft but firm, confident with no desire to oppress.
  • A truly unshakable sense of self doesn’t come from achievement or external success. It’s about knowing the infinite indestructible being that you truly are. As we do frequency work and clear our distortion patterns, we’re able to see and embody our own brilliance more and more.