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When I was growing up my mom was really good at having prints developed of the photos that my dad took of the family. 

We’d look through them, reminisce and laugh about the time we had.

She’d then write the date on the backs and put them in photo albums.

As we got older, we’d sometimes pull out those old photo albums, some of them bent and creased at the top from where we hooked in our fingers to pull them out of the bookcase and look at them together. Such a great way to share memories!

It’s always interesting to me to hear what others remember about different times.

Stories I’d completely forgotten about, or viewpoints that I didn’t share.

Sometimes it can feel a little sad, or wistful when we revisit those times. And for some of us, there can even be an intense longing for the past.

In this week’s episode (#144) of Mastering Your World Through Frequencies, Tia and I talk about the Good Ol’ Days, what happens on spirit level when we romanticize the past and dwell there too long, what to look out for and how to come into a more empowered place.

After the discussion, the GFC (Group Frequency Calibration®) will help you begin to release any time loops to the past so you can bring yourself more into the present moment of linear time. 

Without releasing these distortion patterns, we can get stuck in the limitations of a past version of ourselves.

Let’s rise together!


  • There are typically two phenomena that happen with regard to glorifying the past. One is when we revere an ancient culture or what we perceive as mystical wisdom or knowledge. Another is having a yearning for a simpler, happier time.

  • When we yearn for a simpler time, it often happens when there’s something in our present that we don’t like and don’t care to face. So we spin back and attach to that seemingly better time. Not only does this push us out of the zero point, but our memories are often faulty. With the past, our memories tend to amplify the good things, and research has shown that things very often didn’t happen the way we remember them. We’re basically glorifying a fantasy.

  • There is plenty to learn from ancient wisdom and teachings. But with any teaching, ancient or new, we must ask ourselves what propels us forward. What resonates with you? There’s no need to give your power away to ancient beliefs, or to guides. Scan yourself and see what shows up as true for you. Because when you give your power away, you miss out on the magic of co-creating your reality.

  • Frequency work clarifies who you are and sharpens your ability to discern things that are more in alignment with you. It allows you to assess what resonates without putting teachers/guides/beliefs on a pedestal. 

  • Do you find yourself revering the past as a better, simpler time? Ask yourself what it is that you are having trouble being with in your current reality. What are you trying to avoid? It’s likely a distortion pattern getting louder and getting ready for you to release. And when you do release that or those distortion(s), your experience of the present will be more empowered, and more pleasurable, too.

  • As humans, we tend to grieve the passage of time as a loss. So expect there to be nostalgia as part of your human experience — and notice when it pops up. Allow yourself to feel it, and then let it wash through.

  • When you feel nostalgic for a lost time, first notice if you get stuck in the time distortion of it. Then ask yourself: What are you grateful for right now? Celebrate and feel gratitude for the present. It’ll bring you back to the zero point, which is where all the magic is.