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When I was growing up in the 70s, there was this thing in my favorite playground that I loved.

It was a huge, heavy metal disc, with upside down U shaped metal bars on it that you’d push as you ran around the perimeter. We called it a merry-go-round, but some people call it a roundabout as well. 

It was always heavy at first because you had to get it going, but once it started picking up speed, soon enough it got going faster than you could run.

That’s when you’d jump onto its surface and it’d spin you around.

(Cue slight vertigo).

Totally worth it for the speed of the spin! 

The best is when you had a friend or friends help you push it at the beginning because that was always the hardest part.

In a way, playing on a merry-go-round can be kind of like a metaphor for our lives. Often, it’s hardest to get going, but it starts to get easier once you have a running start. But once you’ve reached a certain speed, how do you cultivate even more momentum?

In this week’s episode of Mastering Your World Through Frequencies (#145), Tia and I talk about how to cultivate the most momentum.

After the discussion, the free GFC (Group Frequency Calibration®) will help you to make the most out of the challenges and friction of life so you can accelerate forward. 

Without clearing these distortions, we find ourselves always returning to those places where we get stuck, needing the most effort to get going.

Let’s rise together!

Covered in this interview:

  • Why do we always raise our frequency resonance at the beginning of GFCs?
  • Why is it important to become aware of our own brilliance?
  • Why is the zero point of space and time so important?
  • What is coherence? Why is being in coherence so critical?
  • Is it helpful to play GFCs for kids and babies? Do they benefit from a GFC playing while they’re sleeping?
  • What is the relationship between frequency work and one’s religious or spiritual beliefs?