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When I first watched “The Secret” in the 90s, my mind nearly exploded with what was possible.

Wha’??? We can actually shift our reality?!!

With our thoughts and emotions? 


So being the person I am, I immediately started doing what they said to do, with tremendous enthusiasm.

I wrote affirmations as sticky notes and put them everywhere. I diligently thought of and felt the feeling of what I wanted to create, every morning without fail.

Things changed a bit. But not much.


And then I heard that I had to be careful of what I thought because I might create something bad, and I started getting worried because it was so easy for random negative thoughts to pop into my head. And that was going to jack all my other positive affirmations and visualizations? 

WTH… Again!!

Thankfully, it turns out that it’s not as simple as that.

In this episode (#146) of Mastering Your World Through Frequencies, Tia and I discuss the power thoughts really have, how our reality is formed, and how we can change it.

The GFC (Group Frequency Calibration®) at the end of the discussion will begin to help you release the distortion patterns that are creating habitual negative thought.

Without releasing these patterns, it can be so difficult to stop thinking the same looping negative thoughts no matter how much we want to!

Let’s rise together!


  • From Karen’s perspective, it’s not accurate to say that our thoughts create our reality — but they certainly can affect it. There’s a key distinction: Thoughts alone aren’t high enough in resonance to create our reality.
  • The reality you create, whether intentionally or not, is a direct reflection of your frequency resonance, not your thoughts. Your physical experience is simply reflecting who you are on spirit level. So if you’d like to change your reality, it’ll take more than positive self-talk or affirmations. You’ll need to remove the distortion patterns calling in your current reality.
  • Conscious of it or not, we’re constantly creating. If you’re running abuse or control patterns, for example, those will continue to shape your reality until you release the distortion patterns. When you start to release distortion patterns, you’ll have more free will and also more momentum. There will be less of a gap between your desired reality and actual reality.
  • Affirmations don’t really work because they’re not addressing the root of the issue. They might even be creating more polarization within you, if you’re trying to get away from where you are and are unwilling to accept your reality. The source of the problem — the distortion pattern — needs to be handled first.
  • Some people get paranoid that negative thoughts will start to shape their reality. Fear, worry, and anxiety will drag your resonance down and pull you out of the present moment of time, making it difficult to create with a positive impact. When you’re experiencing this, it’s helpful to change your perspective: go for a walk, do something different, get distance from the thing or situation causing negative thoughts.
  • It all comes down to how high you are on the frequency bandwidth available to you. That’s what creates your reality. If you can clear distortion patterns and rise even higher in resonance, you’ll be taking proactive steps toward creating the change you desire in your reality.