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I went to an all girls school for elementary and high school.

My parents specifically chose this because they wanted my sister and me to have a sense of ourselves before we started being around the distraction of boys and potentially worrying about what they thought of us. 

In hindsight, it was very smart because it was confusing enough to be a teenager, never mind throwing in the dynamic between the sexes.

That said, when I did start going to school with guys, I really did NOT know anything about how to relate to the masculine.

I learned a number of hard lessons and when Chris and I chose to be together I felt like I wanted to make this the best relationship I could. That meant working a LOT on me (still a work in progress for sure!), and it meant learning as much as I could from different people on their view of what can make intimate partnership great.

We’ve been together now for over 25 years, and although there’s still plenty we can learn about ourselves and how to relate to one another, we’ve definitely gotten a few things figured out by now, too!

In this week’s episode, Chris and I talk about intimate partnership, what we’ve learned, some of our “aha” moments and how it’s changed for each of us in our journeys.

The GFC (Group Frequency Calibration®) at the end will help you to begin to shift the distortion patterns that can keep us from having the intimate partnership we hope for—whether we’re in relationship or not. 

The depth, growth, passion, fun, adventure and play that we want in our intimate partnerships start with refining ourselves by continuing to release the denser distortion patterns that keep us stuck at the resonance we are now.

Let’s rise together!



In this episode, Karen and Chris share their individual takes on various aspects of intimate partnership. They answer several listener and client questions around this topic.

  • What’s the biggest obstacle you faced as a couple before finding frequency work?
  • How has your relationship changed as each partner’s frequency resonance has risen?
  • What’s the best thing about doing frequency work as a couple? What’s the hardest thing?
  • If you were single, what would you be looking for in an intimate partner?
  • Will clearing all my distortions help me attract a more highly resonating partner?
  • Does it benefit me to be celibate while I’m clearing a lot of distortion patterns? 
  • What advice do you have for someone in an intimate partnership with a partner who isn’t doing frequency work?