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I recently started a new strength training program because Chris and I decided that we needed to increase our lean muscle mass.

Not only because we were starting to get saggy bits (where the heck did those come from?!!!), but also because we want to be rock climbing, hiking and generally more able to say ‘yes’ to different activities when we’re 80 because we’re strong enough to do them.

Based on a recommendation from our amazing nutritional therapist, we began.

These are 30 minute workouts, and only twice a week. It’s hard not to be able to find enough time for that. And at “only” 30 minutes, it can’t be that hard, right? 

The way these work is that they’re very slow, and their goal is to take your muscles (safely) to failure on each exercise so that you can gain strength and build more muscle quickly. 

Now I’ve done a lot of different athletic type things in my life but my God this was by far the most challenging.

Is it possible that you can’t really feel your muscles because they’re so exhausted and yet quivering AND also like they’re on fire?

Why yes! It is possible. Who knew?

I also discovered that getting through the workout was one thing. AFTER the workout (especially the very first one), there was a whole other experience, with all kinds of soreness and lack of mobility. But I hung with it through the discomfort. And my body adapted and has gotten significantly stronger in a very short period of time. 

Detox or integration of higher levels of frequency resonance is very similar. A lot of our strengthening comes from releasing the distortion patterns after the IFC, GFC or whatever frequency work you’ve done.

It’s been well over 2 years since I’ve talked about detox in depth on the podcast, so in this week’s episode (#155) Tia and I discuss what detox really is, how to best get through and strengthen from it, and why it’s such a critical part of the strengthening process.

The GFC (Group Frequency Calibration®) at the end will help you begin to release the distortion patterns that can hold us in detox for longer than we need to be there.

Without releasing the patterns that cause us to avoid, distract ourselves from, or not be mindful in our integration process we don’t get the benefit out of it and can end up staying stuck in our patterns longer than we need to.

Let’s rise together!



Did you know that what you experience as detox is really your body adapting to higher level frequencies? What does it mean to go through this integration period, how do we make the most of it and how do we best move through and beyond it?

Whether you’re new to frequency work or you’ve had a lot more experience with it, integration or detox can seem really overwhelming unless you know why it’s happening, what NOT to do and how to move through it more smoothly.