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For a summer when I was a law student, I had the amazing opportunity to intern for a federal court judge in New York City.

When I applied, I didn’t realize how prestigious it was, exactly what I’d be doing or who the judge was that I’d be working for.

It was an unpaid position, but essentially I got to research law and I even wrote the legal brief for a copyright infringement case that came before the judge, which was pretty cool.

The interns worked under the clerks — who were the engines of the judge’s chambers. They’re the ones who did much of the heavy lifting, the research, wrote drafts of the briefs, managed the interns, managed the judge’s calendar, took all the calls from the attorneys and a myriad of other duties. 

Now this was the early 90s, when the Windows OS was just transitioning from a DOS based system that was all keystroke commands to what almost everything digital is now — icon driven.

One of the clerks was a MASTER at the old Windows system. She knew every keystroke by heart. And boy did she hate the new icon driven Windows. 

Full on resistance. Even though it was a more powerful, more intuitive system.

Sometimes, we resist the upgrade, because we don’t know what the new thing is and we’re comfortable with what we know.

In this week’s episode (#156) we’re addressing upgrades, how they can be experienced, what they can shift for you, and what to look out for.

The GFC (Group Frequency Calibration®) at the end will help you to begin to release the distortion patterns that cause us to be attached to having an upgrade experience and what we think it might look like, so you can be more clear when you do experience one.

Without releasing these distortion patterns, we can inadvertently resist what is meant to accelerate us, which only ends up slowing us down.

Let’s rise together!




Did you know that we can be upgraded? Much like an app can be upgraded so it’s faster, more efficient and has better functionality, we can be bumped up significantly in our frequency resonance, which changes who and what shows up in our reality, what information we can intuitively receive, how much abundance, synchronicity and magic we can experience. In this episode, we talk about what an upgrade is, how it may be experienced, what it can shift for you, and how it’s possible to not even know that you’re having one!