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When I was little, my mom was definitely ahead of her time. She was really careful about how much processed food we ate, and was especially mindful of how much sugar we ate.

She was a nurse and she knew that too much sugar was not only bad for our teeth, it made us really hyper, prone to inflammation (the source of all disease), and created a host of other problems.

That didn’t mean my sister and I didn’t like sugar. We loved it! It just meant we weren’t eating it at home.

Sometimes, though, we’d bake together for birthdays or special occasions.

And when I was about five or six, I was tasked with mixing the batter for a cake with the hand mixer. My mom dumped some chunks of baker’s chocolate into the batter.

When her back was turned I fished one of the pieces out of the batter and shoved it in my mouth. Oooo, the forbidden fruit . . .

YIKES, but wait! Turns out, unsweetened chocolate is NASTY. I didn’t even know that was a thing.

To make it even worse, I couldn’t spit it out because of course I knew I wasn’t supposed to be putting it in my mouth in the first place. So I had to stealthily swallow that gross chocolate without making any faces or anything. 

I quickly learned from what seemed at the time like a very tough lesson that chocolate comes in different levels of sweetness and that I should know before I ate something on the sly whether it was worth being potentially busted!

Mistakes can teach us a lot. VERY quickly. But some of us experience so much shame around it that we avoid doing things that might even potentially cause us to make a mistake. And that causes us to miss lots of potential opportunities, lots of lessons, and can keep us from living and experiencing our full potential.

In this week’s episode (#158) Tia and I talk about the distortions that cause us to avoid making mistakes, how to best deal with them and how to turn mistakes into our allies so we can see them for the growth opportunities that they are.

The GFC (Group Frequency Calibration®) at the end will help you begin to gain momentum to start to release the sting of mistakes that have been made so that there’s less reluctance to try something new. 

Without releasing these distortions we can remain paralyzed by mistakes rather than using them to catalyze us into growth and into being better versions of ourselves.

Let’s rise together!




For many people the after effects of having made a mistake can last for days, weeks and sometimes even years! Lots of us won’t explore new possibilities or opportunities because we’re still caught in the distortions of feeling shame for past mistakes or the fear of making a mistake.

Learn what causes the fear of making mistakes from spirit perspective and how to shift from fear into taking advantage of the potential of the learning opportunities that mistakes can provide.