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When I was about eight, we moved from a two bedroom apartment where my sister and I shared a bedroom, to a townhome where she and I each had a room of our own.

We loved playing on the wooden staircase — we had a slinky that we’d let drop down the stairs, there were toy cars that were launched off the stairs, we played with our stuffed animals on the stairs.

The stairs were great EXCEPT for the landing that created a turn from the main staircase to the remaining five stairs that took you to the bedroom level.

I freaking HATED that landing.

I would always sprint as hard as I could past that landing. It didn’t matter whether I was going up or down. 

Now with the abilities I have, I’m quite aware of the creepy dead person that had an entity that devoured them that affected that space. No wonder why it felt so yucky there.

There are many unseen things that can affect the spaces we’re in, whether they’re work spaces, homes or other places we go to often. It’s a huge topic, but this week Tia and I talk about some of the various things that can affect our space, how they’re different, how they can be resolved, and when they cannot- such that it’s best to shift where you are instead.

The GFC (Group Frequency Calibration®) at the end will help you stay centered in yourself even if there’s something negatively affecting you in your space so you’re better able to deal with whatever it is that you might encounter — even if you’re not consciously aware of them. 

Without understanding what’s happening and releasing these distortions of fear, we can really drop in our frequency resonance, be more susceptible to things that are dark and make decisions that aren’t the best for ourselves. 

Let’s rise together!




Did you know that there are many unseen “energies” that can both negatively and positively affect the spaces around you — whether you’re sensitive and can feel them, or not?

Learn about the different forces that can affect your space and what you can do to make your space feel clear, nourishing and supportive.