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One time when I was in my teens I was watching some educational news program with my parents, and in it, they were stopping people in the street and asking them what they wanted most.

Some people answered “To be really rich.”

A few said “To be famous.”

Many answered “To be happy.”

Great answer, but what does that actually really mean? 

Many people believe that they will be happy when they’ve achieved something or done something to deserve that happiness.

Instead of chasing happiness, what if you were able to embody your best self, moment by moment, expressing your greatest potential?

In this week’s episode (#160) Tia and I talk about how to access our best selves and what stops us from getting there. 

The GFC (Group Frequency Calibration®) at the end will help you to begin to release the distortion patterns that prevent us from being able to be our best selves. 

Without releasing these distortion patterns that keep us bound, we never are free to live the full potential of our best selves. 

Let’s rise together!




Did you know that becoming your best self has more to do with cultivating a sense of Self that most people don’t even know exists?

When we are mired in the little “s”elf, or the self identified with the ego/mind, who we think we are is very much defined by lack and what we wished we had or wished we were. As we start to shift our perspective to the big “S”elf by releasing distortion patterns, who we think we are changes. We start to experience our true self, and along with it, greater and greater free will.