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When my dad was alive he had debilitating back pain for almost two thirds of his life, since he was in his 30s. It didn’t stop him from doing many things, but it was limiting and he had to come up with strategies to get things done.

Most of what he explored in alternative medicine and energy modalities was because he wanted to relieve this pain.

He measured everything by it.

When he found Network Spinal Analysis he had a love/hate relationship with it. He really wanted 1 entrainment a week to take away all the pain. Instead he would be pain free for 3-4 days and the pain would return.

To him, that was a fail because he wanted a total, permanent recovery.

To me, I would have simply scheduled 2 entrainments a week to have a pain free existence!

In this week’s episode (#162), Tia and I talk about getting what we want, how we often shoot ourselves in the foot with one simple thing we all tend to do, and the unlikely way that we can get more of what we want.

The GFC (Group Frequency Calibration®) at the end will help you become more aware of where you’re attached and to start to release the attachment of how what you want shows up for you, so you can actually start to experience more of what you want!

Without releasing our attachment to getting what we think we want, it creates more barriers to actually manifesting those things.

Let’s rise together!™




Don’t we all want to get what we want, usually asap? Or get away from things that we don’t want – also the sooner the better?

In this episode, we explore what informs what it is that we think we want, how to have and experience more that is in greater alignment with us, and, as we get higher in frequency resonance, how this all changes.