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After I finished college I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, so I applied to law school.

A bunch of my friends were going that route and it seemed like a pretty straightforward path to having a job at the end of it.

I studied for the LSAT, the standardized test that law school applicants must take.

Someone’s score on this test is a huge factor.

Turns out that I was TERRIBLE at LSAT logic 🙁

It was often extremely linear in a very particular way and my brain didn’t seem to naturally process the world that way at all.

I would find myself often answering “Doesn’t it depend on what’s happening?” or “That’s just a dumb question!” which BTW weren’t ever acceptable answers.

So. Painful.

I did manage to get accepted to the law school I had chosen, but I disliked that whole thing even less than studying for and taking the LSAT, so although I ended up getting my law degree, thankfully I never worked in the field.

Our culture is very focused on linear thinking because the mind is so revered. It can be a powerful way to reason however with the focus on linearity alone, there is so much that can be missed.

In this week’s episode (#165), Tia and I talk about how the exclusive focus on one way of thinking and perceiving the world can vastly limit our ability to create-manifest, to experience synchronicity and greater possibilities. And we talk about how to open yourself to an additional way of perceiving the world so that you aren’t trapped in
the limitation of the mind’s linearity.

The GFC (Group Frequency Calibration®) associated with this episode will help you to begin to release the distortion patterns that limit your ability to have a much higher perspective.

Without releasing the linearity of the mind, we stay limited within the realm of what it thinks is possible and what it habitually has been creating so far.

Let’s rise together!™


Many of us need to understand and know how everything is connected before we move forward into something new. But is there a cost to always maintaining the linear processes and habituation of the mind, even if we think that by doing so we’ve got more of the variables covered?

In this episode, we’re discussing breaking out of the box — releasing attachment to linearity. We’ll talk about what to watch out for, and why this is so important for having our frequency resonance rise.