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When I first saw Peter Pan I was totally captivated by the idea that he could fly.

It was also the first time I’d ever heard of fairies.

Tinkerbell was just so magical!

We’ve all heard stories of fairies, dragons and wizards.

When I was growing up, Dungeons & Dragons was something that everyone knew about, whether they were into it or not.  And it’s no accident that The Lord of the Rings is one of the biggest selling books and movie trilogies of all time.

But are these mythical beings real or are they only the stuff of legends?

In this week’s episode (#168) Tia and I discuss what fairies, dragons, and wizards are from frequency perspective, what they are when stripped of the stories that we’ve ascribed to them and how you and they might overlap in this reality.

The GFC (Group Frequency Calibration®) associated with this episode will help you stay in your center if you do happen to encounter one of these beings, and to release expectations of what you think they should be so that if you do, you can have a more authentic experience.

Without releasing these distortion patterns, it’s harder to be aware of different kinds of beings and to hold your space if your paths cross.

Let’s rise together!™




Have you heard stories of fairies, dragons, or wizards and found them fascinating? There are so many stories of these types of beings. Are they just the stuff of myths or is there something more to them?

In this episode, we explore the realm of the mystical from frequency perspective, whether these beings actually exist, some of their key characteristics and what you need to be aware of.