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There are all kinds of people who claim that they talk to spirit guides, angels and beings of light.

We’re often told that there are beings that help us out as we make our way through our lives.

Is this true? Are we really helped by beings from the higher realms? 

And is there something that we should be looking out for?

In this week’s episode (#170) Tia and I discuss help from the higher realms, from frequency perspective — what it can look like, what types of beings can help us, how they’re different, and what we should be very mindful of when we perceive beings or beings approach us.

The GFC (Group Frequency Calibration®) associated with this episode will help you stay in your center more and hold your space better so that you’re not letting in something that isn’t really of a higher order.

Releasing the distortions that prevent us from staying in our center and holding our space not only protects us, it helps our frequency resonance to rise faster so that beings that ARE of a higher order can help more effectively.
Let’s rise together!™




Did you know that you may be getting support from the higher realms? What does that support look like? What should we watch out for? And what are the various higher levels of beings that are doing what they can to help?

In this episode we discuss the council, allies and guides — how they’re different from one another, how they work and how they can help us.