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Most people want to feel more happy.

Usually though, people believe that something has to happen for that happiness to occur.

Our minds are often stuck on the idea that there needs to be some sort of specific (usually external) stimulus for us to finally feel (more) happy.

“When I have a million dollars I’ll be happy. When I’m 15 pounds lighter, then I’ll be happy. When I’m more awakened I’ll finally be happier.”

And then there’s joy. What is joy, compared to happiness? Is it something more than a nice sentiment we see emblazoned on holiday cards

And how do we feel more of it?

In this week’s episode (#171) Tia and I discuss the difference between happiness and joy, why some people can’t experience joy and how to feel more of it.

The GFC (Group Frequency Calibration®) associated with this episode will begin to help you release the distortion patterns that prevent you from experiencing more pure joy, welling up from inside, with nothing external required..

If we don’t release these distortion patterns, joy remains just a concept rather than something beautiful we get to experience.

Let’s rise together!™




What is joy? It’s a state that pretty much everyone would like to experience, but if you ask people what joy is, so many of them aren’t actually sure.

In this episode we discuss what joy is, how it’s different from happiness, how and why we prevent ourselves from experiencing joy, and how we can amp up how much joy we feel.