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Chris and I recently discovered “A Chef’s Table: Pizza” on Netflix.

Some advice: Do NOT watch this show if you’re hungry!

One of the many things I loved about watching this series is how obsessed the pizza chefs were with the foundation of their craft—the dough.

Even watching them handle the dough, you could see how many countless hours they’d worked with it, by the dexterity of their fingers, by the perfection of each ball of dough that is a pizza-to-be.

No matter how fancy the topping is, if the dough is weak, the pizza is a bust.

So they obsess about the dough.

Constantly refining the foundation.

With any skill or anything that we practice, the better we get at it, how we view the fundamentals, and how we’re able to work with them and explain them evolves as our experience, expertise and level of mastery grows.

I’ve experienced numerous upgrades and a lot has changed for me personally since we did our very first Mastering Your World Through Frequencies episode on Frequency Work Fundamentals way back in March of 2019.

So in this week’s episode, Fiona and I revisit frequency work fundamentals from the perspective I have now.

Even for those of you who have been part of the Spherical Luminosity community for a while may find a nuance that wasn’t clear to you or that lands differently that somehow yields an “aha moment.”

The Group Frequency Calibration® (GFC) associated with this episode will begin to help you reinforce your foundation and gain more momentum whatever your frequency resonance now.

Without releasing the distortions that keep getting in our way, we remain stuck and spinning in place.

Let’s rise together!




How do you get to the root of the problems, the challenges and the roadblocks that you face? How do you gain momentum for fundamental change?

In this episode we talk about frequency work fundamentals, so you can claim the key to self-sustaining and accelerated forward momentum.