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Merry Christmas to you, if you celebrate it!

When I was growing up, the Rubik’s Cube was all the rage.

My parents got my sister and me one each for Christmas because they’d heard that it would help with our math skills.

I was totally not at all able to figure out how to solve it, so my “solution” was to peel off the stickers to make the last couple of bits come into that nice solid wall of color.

Sadly for my parents, my math skills remained unchanged by my sticker tactic.

My sister however became a Rubik’s Cube fiend.

She figured out how to crack the code of the cube.

No matter how I mixed up the cube, she’d twist and turn the layers and a few minutes later would plop a perfectly solved cube into my hands. I don’t know if playing with the Rubik’s Cube actually improved her math capabilities, but boy, she was definitely a Rubik’s Cube fiend.

Once you know how something works, you can usually solve a similar problem better, faster, and more easily whether it’s something physical like the Rubik’s Cube or something on spirit level.

In this week’s episode, Fiona and I talk about cracking the code of co-creation. A lot of people say that we co-create our reality, but what does that really mean, how does it work and what can we do to create lives that are more along the lines of what we’d like?

Co-creation is the Christmas gift that you get to open day after day, minute after minute — once you know what the components are, you’ve cleared enough of your distortion patterns and your frequency resonance is high enough.

The Group Frequency Calibration® (GFC) associated with this episode will focus on helping you release the distortion patterns that keep you from being able to co-create your reality effectively.

Without releasing these distortion patterns, we end up co-creating life in the same way, usually without being aware of it, over and over again — kind of like an unconscious incompetency. And that’s not the kind of life we want to live.

Let’s do what we can to shift to a new paradigm experience of life.

Let’s rise together!™




Did you know that you’re always co-creating your reality? You may have heard people say this, but you wonder — if this is true, why do we keep experiencing pain, suffering, trauma? Why don’t we create something better?

Once we crack the code of co-creation, and begin to master the fundamentals of intentionally creating our reality, we can begin to rise above the suffering and lack that so many of us are mired in.
In this episode we’re talking about what co-creation really is, how it works and how to begin to master it so you can live the life you want.