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A few years ago I signed myself up for an intuitive painting workshop for the first time.

It was love from the moment the paint blobbed onto my palette.

I could paint whatever I wanted and because I’d done frequency work, I could really follow the instructor’s suggestion of not attaching to what I created.

I was just in response to color, texture, and movement.

So the paintings got bigger, bolder and I just kept painting and painting without thinking at all.

At some point though, in the middle of the weekend I felt I had to stop.

I didn’t understand why it felt that way, and it didn’t seem like it made sense, either, so at first, I tried to keep going. But the flow just wasn’t there.

So I went out for a walk, meditated for a little while, and left for the day. The next morning something shifted and I was ready to paint again. And when I got back to it, new stuff just started flowing right out like crazy.

There is a space of stillness that is important for the gestation of innovative ideas, creativity, solutions and inspired productivity. And honoring and respecting that space of “nothingness” is actually a critical part of what we tend to think of as achieving a successful outcome.

In this week’s episode, Fiona and I talk about the Void and the Fertile Void. What they are, how they’re different, and how it’s so important to be able to navigate not only for creativity and inspiration but also for the awakening process.

The Group Frequency Calibration® (GFC) associated with this episode will focus on starting to help you come into alignment with the Void.

Without releasing these distortion patterns that keep us from surrendering into the Void when it’s time to do so, we can spend more and more energy trying to get less and less done, and feeling lousy the whole time, too. Perhaps it’s time to learn to upgrade our approach?

Let’s rise together!™



Many people are completely unaware of the mysterious, unfathomably potent “place” from which all form — anything that exists in any and all realities — comes.

If you don’t know about this place, if you don’t understand its nature and develop comfort with it, it’ll be much, much harder for you to effectively create-manifest, and nearly impossible for you to maintain momentum as you move through the natural, inevitable stages of the cycle of growth and transformation.