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I recently started watching the Netflix Bridgerton spin-off, Queen Charlotte.

In it, a young noblewoman is married to the King of England, who she meets mere minutes before their wedding.

Despite all of the opulence and power she has access to, she feels completely trapped and alone.

Just like that character, we can be surrounded by material abundance but until we have something that I call “spiritual sovereignty” we will always feel like there is something missing. Something that is lacking.

Without it, awakening is not a possibility.

In this week’s episode, we discuss The Ultimate Freedom – Spiritual Sovereignty, what it is, the reason it is so critical for spiritual awakening, and how to cultivate more of it.

The Group Frequency Calibration® (GFC) meditation associated with this episode will begin to release the distortion patterns that keep us from experiencing spiritual sovereignty. 

Without releasing these distortion patterns, this ultimate freedom will remain as elusive as ever.

Let’s rise together!™



Many people strive to feel freer in their options, their opportunities, and how they express themselves. But what is real freedom, sovereignty from a greater spiritual perspective?

And why is it so important for the awakening process and for living your best life? What does it take to get there? And how do things change for us in our life experience as we become increasingly free on spirit level?