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Wounding can run very deep.

Whether it’s an old traumatic, emotional wounding, or a persistent physical one, so many of us seek to be healed.

Of course, we do—it’s natural to try to free ourselves from suffering.

But is there something in the focus on healing that unexpectedly and surprisingly keeps us stuck where we are?

In this week’s episode, “Healing vs Growing – Do You Need Fixing?”, Fiona and I discuss the unexpected implicit assumption within the focus on healing that could be holding you back from being free of whatever it is that you’re trying to resolve.

The Group Frequency Calibration® (GFC) associated with this episode will begin to help you release the distortions that keep us bound in a cycle of healing.

Without releasing these distortion patterns, we can stay stuck, always focused on fixing what’s wrong rather than moving into resolution and into a different, better experience.

Let’s rise together!™



So many of us feel like we need to be healed, that we’re broken, and that somehow there’s something damaged and inherently wrong with us.

But is there a fundamental disconnect in the journey of “healing” that can actually keep us from moving forward into an even better version of ourselves?

In this episode, we have a moving discussion of a key distinction that’s a total game changer, helping us shift from being stuck, with only some small, hard-earned gain, to an experience of acceleration, expansion, and even spiritual awakening.